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Nowadays everyone uses the internet but how many people know about the Dark Web? Dark Web is part of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard web search engine for any reason and the content of the deep web is hidden behind HTTP forms. Here are some facts :

To Access: First of all dark web is not for everyone, you should just avoid it but we sharing this information just for knowledge purpose. You can not open dark sites using normal browsers like chrome, safari or explorer, to enter Dark Web first of all download Tor Bundle from tor's official site. Install the bundle manually I recommend you use a VPN otherwise it's not good for you because your ISP is smart than you and if you already installed it then just open it. Now, you have an ability to open any dark websites. 

Here we're providing some hidden dark links but you can check it on the internet.

http://darkdev5ibekblct.onion – Software – Gogs
http://darkdev5ibekblct.onion – Software – Gogs
http://sageranjccfovtn3.onion – Software – Sage Platform
http://wdpwzykrrqq4p7w7.onion – Technology – Redmine
http://darknetncj7k6wzk.onion – Technology – Passage into Darkness
http://hashrbaozir4ae6q.onion – Technology – HashCrack
http://drkhsh5rv6pnahas.onion – Technology – DRKHSH
http://gvaslzwxr2ezognd.onion – Technology – Solar Display
http://wpscanskzvjc4s2s.onion – Technology – WPScans
http://bptfp7py2wclht26.onion – Technology – The Tor BSD Diversity Project
http://steamsupp5wmhqko.onion – Technology – Steem.Supply
http://vnfwwpoh5v4vofes.onion – Technology – Locker
http://squirrelzarhffxz.onion – Technology – SquirreIJME
http://iyeof5gg42xv2nao.onion – Technology – Anonymous Web FTP Client
http://n7kr26tlb545urpo.onion – Technology – I2P Anonymous Web server
http://kotoqx6mdjabgumf.onion – Technology – Kotobank

http://w7pczrxaq6pamzov.onion – Software – ISO Links
http://macspy423ho54vap.onion – Software – MacSpy
http://kzpajyms6plr7wo2.onion – Software – iBoot Source Code Leak
http://expressobutiolem.onion – Software – ExpressVPN
http://pfoxkj3p65uyc5pe.onion – Software/Internet – PrivateFox
http://tpvj6abq225m5pcf.onion – Software – Index of/
http://elx57ue5uyfplgva.onion – Software/File Sharing – OpenShare
http://54ogum7gwxhtgiya.onion – Deep web software – Digital Pawn Shop

Final Note: Don’t use newly download software or browser bundle into your personal computer, First test, If found application working fine then you can try on your computer.

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  1. On the deep web there are also lots of legal sites, that for some reasons want to remain anonymous... well I think nothing you cannot already find on the normal web, but one can always go surfing the deep web by curiosity. At the end, everyone says that the deep web is much bigger than the "known web", so probably a lot of people are fascinated by this fact, and are more and more curious to take a look at the deep web. As one simply surfs the deep web without watching pedopornography, buying illegal things and doing other illegal things, he can satisfy his curiosity... however yes, I agree to the fact that we shoud not do anything of particular on the deep we: if someone is curious, after he has satisfied his curiosity, I think he can forget about the deep web and not go there anymore!


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