3 Tips to Increase Domain Authority

3 Tips to Increase Domain Authority
Here is Tips to increase your Domain Authority it means you have chance to get fast indexing, better result in search pages like Sitelinks, Sitelinks Search Box, Snippets and also Knowledge Graph
  • First of all you have to do it correctly with the internal link. The internal link is that you share a link to any of your posts in your post. If you do not do this then your biggest loss is the bounce rate of your site that increases, which is not good for the SEO. Links to all the posts on your site are found in the Internet link. To do this properly, it means that if you write a post stacked with new posts like SEO so you have to add the link of all those who had previously posted to this new post. 

  • Link building means increasing your site's link or increase backlinks. If your site is on Tech or any topic. So try to get a backlink from another person with a lot of traffic or organic traffic because this will double you. First, you will get a little traffic with backlinks from that site and secondly, it will give you do follow backlinks, which will increase your site's search ranking.

  • Some Blogs, that is related to your topic. Commenting on them will also increase your blog's domain authority.

Share your post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will also increase your blog's domain authority.


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  2. I love when I am able to share links within my links!! It's oddly satisfying for me - lol!


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