Facebook earned $ 188,000 per employee in the last quarter

Facebook earned $ 188,000 per employee in the last quarter

Silicon Valley companies are more efficient in making money from traditional industries, as is the net income and proof of revenue per employee per quarter filing.

Facebook had 20,658 people working in the last quarter - 43 percent increase in the same period last year - we made the highest profits in the profits of the employees per employee $ 188,498 per employee in revenue approximately 3 months in approximately one year At half a million employees

Facebook receives four times the profit per employee profit of Google parent company alphabet alphabetically earned $ 46,610 per employee in the second quarter. T
he social network is becoming more efficient in making money. In the third quarter of last year, Facebook took advantage of $ 157,503 per employee. Note that Facebook employs many contract workers who do not contribute to the number of employees. Twitter, who saw a net loss of $ 116 million, was at the other end of the spectrum, losing $ 36,000 per employee.

The efficiency of Facebook is somewhat limited, because software products do not require humans in many stages of production and distribution process, because companies create physical objects which should be delivered to large scale production and stores or doors. Of course, even the jobs entrusted to humans are coming under the robot - so much more industry can see the integration of labor.

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Companies like Amazon and its brick-mortar counterpart Wal-Mart count the employees who include part-time workers and have a bigger order than their peers, which necessarily reduces their profits and revenues per person.

As far as technical companies are, their contribution to the wider economy is not entirely clear. U.S. Productivity is flat because we struggle to measure the economic production of internet technology, whose services are largely free.

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