Introducing the 2018's Search Console

A few months ago Google released a beta version of a new Search Console but provided to limited users. Now Google is now starting to release this beta version to all users of Search Console so that everyone can explore this simplified process of optimizing a website's presence on Google Search.

This looks something like this ......

New  Search Console
Click on the image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!

In new search console, Google has also added an ability to share reports within your own organization in order to simplify internal collaboration. If you've been a fan of Search Analytics, you'll love the new Search Performance report. According to Google In the new report, you'll have 16 months of data, to make analyzing longer-term trends easier and enable year over year comparisons. In the near future, this data will also be available via the Search Console API.
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The beta version is currently running, so the reporting option is already in it. When you report to Google, many options are available, from which you have to select and give feedback to Google that you want to find out more in the upcoming version.

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