how to setup the Blogger Comment and Post

how to setup the Blogger Comment and Post

HI, Friends, I had given you 3 tips to increase the Domain Authority in the previous post and today we will tell you how to setup the Blogger Comment and Post. Well it is easy, but every time many people think that a new blog should be made. So I'm writing this post for new starters.

Setup the posts  and comments

We know that blogger or blogspot is a platform where any person can create a free blog. Thousands of blogs are running on Blogger these days but many people suggest to use WordPress because it gives the best feature. I believe if you are a new blogger then you should start with Basic because mostly in blogger if you have to add or setup, then you have to edit the template first and it's great for a blogger to start blog and learn template editing. It also teaches the use of HTML, CSS, Java scripting and much more. So Blogger is a better platform for a new blogger. So today I'm going to tell you about the comment and post setup and it is very important for a blog

How To Setup Blogger Posts And Comments

  • First log on to Blogger
  • Click Settings
  • Now click on Post and Comment
  • now you will see the post and comment settings options over here. Those who have to set up for your blog

Post Setting :

  • show at most -   In this option you can fill the number of posts which will be show on your blog's homepage, Meaning of how many posts you want to show on your blog's homepage. the same thing is filling here like 1,2,3,4,5 as much as you want to fill.
  • Post Template -   In this field if you want to add the default word to your post, you can fill that word here, Which will show in every blog post. Well you can leave this option blank too. There will be no problem in this.
  • Showcase Image with LIghtbox -   Select it with YES, Because when someone clicks on the image while reading your blog content, he will get another option. Also the black background will appear around the image. This is a good option. So for image select it by clicking on Yes.

Comments Setting :

Here you get a comments related option. Who should fill the blogger with the attention which should be filled with care like Comment location, Who can comment, Show word verification, Comment moderation, Show backlink, Comment form message. 

  • Comment location -   Here you get 4 options of which you have to choose one like Embeded, Full page, Pop-up window and Hide. It's best to choose embedded in it.
  • Who can comment -   You also get 4 options in which you have to choose one like Anyone, Registered user, Use with google accounts and Only member of this blog. It's best to choose Anyone in it.
  • Show word verification -   When someone comments on your blog, they need to do Verification only then will the comment be displayed on your blog. this option is very good.
  • Comment moderation -   Here you get 3 options like Always, Sometimes and Never. It's a good idea to choose Always.
  • Show backlink -   Choose hide for better results.
  • Comment form message -   Here you can leave a message for your blog commenter. Which will appear above your comment box.

So in this way you can setup posts and comments for the blog. If you have any problem, you can ask through the comment. I will do my best to give suggestions about your problem. I hope you like this post

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