Seattle says Facebook has violated its political advertising transparency law

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Seattle, Washington City has claimed that Facebook is violating its Finance Act of 1977. If Seattle is right, then it may be liable for $ 5000 per violation. This issue began in last December when Seattle's newspaper The Stranger tried to request 2017 state election advertising data from Facebook. 

Last Friday, Facebook served a two-page spreadsheet, which includes candidates' names, their Facebook page names, Facebook page addresses, total expenses, services, and payment methods but the problem is that a lot of the information Facebook provided which seems limited. Which does not match with the disclosure filings from the candidates themselves.
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Strangers have said that one possible reason for mismatched numbers is that many of these Facebook ads have been purchased through third parties. Because of this, the advertisements bought through the Facebook page of those candidates have not got much information, and Seattle's 1977 campaign has reduced the transparency sought by the finance law.

Now we hope that Facebook will solve this problem completely. 

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